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Sony Ericsson’s new Smart Phone

A new Sony Ericsson’s Smart Phone is coming out in the middle of 2008. Golly, time sure passes by fast isn’t it? We’re already on the 4th quarter of 2007. But I am sure for some Sony Ericsson fans, time could not pass soon enough. Not much of the specs for the new smart phone is out yet but what we know is this smartphone is a Windows Mobile device.

Akihabara News.

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Sony Ericsson’s Victoria


Sony Ericsson’s latest cell phone, Victoria, in the market to also wear the Cybershot title. This super thin (only 14mm), sleek camera phone features an autofocus camera with LED photo light, and 1.9-inch QVGA display. It also comes with a 256MB M2 card and goes tri-band GSM with 2100MHz UMTS 3G for Europe. Victoria is set to be out in the 4th quarter of this year. Price unknown yet.

You can check out engadgetmobile for more info regarding this phone.

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Sony Ericsson’s S500

S 500

This baby does not look crass at all even though it has a shimmer. In fact, it looks quite elegant and classic. It is the latest addition from Sony Ericsson, the S500. It comes in two colors actually, mysterious green and Spring Yellow that looks almost gold :) This is a slider phone, which scores brownie points with me because i like slider phones. They’re very efficient.

The Sony Ericsson S500 hasn’t hit the market yet so no words on pricing yet but it will hit the market in the 3rd quarter of this year. So brace yourself for it when it comes out. Then again, Sony Ericsson might be revealing new phones along the way till then.

Source: Engadget

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Sony Ericsson’s K810 and K550 Cybershot


And now they even have 3.2 Megapixels camera phones. Why do we even need a camera anymore when we can use a gadget to communicate and to extricate visually pleasing memories? Sony Ericsson’s new Cybershot phones are now offering 3.2 megapixels and 2.0 megapixels camera phone, K810 and K550, respectively.

The feature rich 17-mm K810 boasts an image stabilized 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus and Xenon flash. The K550 packs just a good shootin’ 2.0 megapixel cam and LED photo light but does so in a 14-mm form factor. Both devices bring an RM radio with RDS and support for Memory Stick Mico (M2) cards

Both phone will be out in the second quarter of 2007, meaning this year! Personally, I can’t keep up with the changes that phones keep evolving to. Soon, we’ll have a phone that prints those cutesy Japanese sticker pictures. Now that would rock, especially in the Asian countries. I know it’s big where I come from. Okay, i am copyrighting that idea! If anyone wants to build a phone with a printer that prints cutesy sticker pictures, they’d have to come through me!!

Anyway, till then, content yourself with these new Cybershots.

Source: Engadget

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Sony Ericsson W44S Bravia phone


Sony Ericsson W44S Bravia

Sony Ericsson has announced a new mobile phone with a very interesting, exotic look. It’s created for the Japanese markety only. Unlike the conventional phone which opens like a clam, the W44S opens horizontally like a little notebook AND vertically as well. And on one side of the flip, it has a screen large enough to play movies and videos in. The specs for the phone is pretty impressive too:

* one-seg digital TV broadcast reception
* digital radio reception
* felica electronic money
* 3″ (240×432 16:9) wide screen with Bravia RealityMAXtechnology
* 3.2MP CMOS camera with AutoFocus
* dual 16mm diameter stereo speakers for 128voices polyphonic ringtone
* MS Pro Duo slot built in 115Mb flash

Reviews have said that this phone could very well rival the Nokia N series but Nooooo…Sony Ericsson has to make it just for Japan, which means it’s AU KDDI only. So while the rest of the world has to content themselves with less technologically impressive Sony Ericsson phone, Japan will have this, the W44S. And they’re not THAT impress because they’re sorta used to swweeettt phones like these.


Flips conventionally too

Source: Mobile Mentalism

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Waterproof Mobile Phone!

Finally! Somebody creates a phone that is safe in the hands of klutzes everywhere! Sony Ericsson in conjunction with DoCoMo have released the SO902iWP+ 3G phone and it’s really waterproof!
Image from Akihabara News
Image from Akihabara News
At the recent Wireless Japan expo, they demonstrated just how waterproof the phone is. You could even call the phone while it was floating in the tank. Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t have Bluetooth (strange?) so you couldn’t answer it unless you were in there with the phone.

So, if you tend to drop your phone in the toilet, pool, coffee or if you’re James Bond, you might want to consider investing in this phone. No word on whether it will be available outside Japan.

Akihabara News

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Premini-IIS specs and information.

“COLOR YOUR LIFE” – After the highly successful Premini, Primini-S and Premini-II – Sony Ericsson announced the highly anticipated PREMINI II S. Focused on fun, music and photo’s the Premini II S boasts impressive features in a stylish, palm sized candy-bar.

Released just over a month ago, Sony Ericsson put the Premini IIS on the shelves, the results were not to be outdone by the 901iS series, but rather equaled as the two completely contrasting keitai took to the stands.

NTT DoCoMo, the contractor of the Premini series of handsets also put together a few little websites, including, which has a certain air of “fun” and “games” about it, wouldn’t you say?

Now, onto the nitty-gritty. I’ve finally put together the spec page for the phone, and it’s quite impressive, the basics are as follows:
- 1.9 inch 240×320 screen
- Memory Stick slot (Thanks Sony!)
- 1.3 Mega pixel CCD camera
- Music player
- QR Code reader
- iMode, and all it’s friends
- Space for 1000 contacts, and 6000 phone numbers and email addresses. I don’t know about you but I don’t personally need 6000 contacts in my phonebook. But what the hey, It’s a Sony!
- The handset weighs in at 99g!

On the downside, it is *not* a 3G handset, it’s still in the MOVA (TDMA) category, which means no video calls or high-speed data rates, but that’s okay, it’s really pretty to make up for it.

Onto some fun stuff for you, here are the links!
NewGMobile English spec sheetSony Ericsson official product website - NTT DoCoMo official product website

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Sony Ericsson’s New Premini-IIS is (just a tiny little bit) environment friendly…

Sony Ericsson's New Premini-IIS

Here comes the new Sony Ericsson Premini-IIS. The Premini series is nice because they are smaller than your average Japanese keitai, yet unlike the Tu-Ka phones, they didn’t have to remove all the cool features such as camera and email capabilities to reach a reasonable size. Also, the Premini phones look nice and this one is no surprise there either. Specs include a 1.9″ QVGA screen, 107×47x20mm and 99 grams, 1.3 megapixel camera.

But this time, this is not all beauty and small-ishness, the Premini-IIS is actually your excuse for usually being not-so-environmentally-friendly. As Tech-On! reports, NTT DoCoMo has now decided to use vegetable resin in commercial mobile phone handsets, starting with the premini-IIS which uses plastic with corn-based polylactide “as its major component in only one button”. If you haven’t read the last part properly, read it again: “as its major component in only one button”. Yes, overall this is great news. Yet, it is so funny.

Sony Ericsson's New Premini-IISThe vegetable resin part is the button showed on that picture, inside the red circle. It is the button that changes the shooting mode of the camera from normal to close-up. This button was chosen “because it is not used very frequently,” according to NTT DoCoMo’s spokesperson. Last month, the two companies made a prototype handset based on the mova SO506iC model, using corn-based polylactide plastic. The prototype was not commercialized but of a total of 140 grams, 22 grams were made of vegetable resin. Hopefully, by testing the resin in real life now, NTT DoCoMo and Sony Ericsson will be able to release phones containing more of this resin soon.

via Tech-On!


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Sony Ericsson AU A1404S - Click for large picture

It is no surprise that the campaign for the new AU A1404S features Yuki. This Sony Ericsson phone comes in 3 colors (black, green, and pink) and you can change from one Style-Up® themed panel to another on the cover of the phone.

The slogan “Play!” reflects this constant need for change typical to teenage girls in Japan and elsewhere. And of course, “play” also refers to music, as you can listen to music with this phone. But don’t hope for too much: it is not an MP3 player, but merely an FM radio. Better than nothing?

Sony Ericsson AU A1404S - Click for large picture

Yuki could be defined as the “Japanese Björk”, in that she changes her appearance with every single, and that her videos are often very graphical and original (and often very much inspired by those of Björk, actually). Hint to the various covers and styles of the A1404S.

Sony Ericsson AU A1404S - Click for large picture

Yuki is very popular in Japan, especially among girls. But that could not be enough to sell the A1404S, so they played the “kawaii! factor” and added a cute rabbit too. The message becomes then “Pimp my phone as often as I pimp my rabbit, so they always match!”, which is just plain strange, but will surely itch a lot of the Shibuya girls out there.

Also, don’t forget DoCoMo’s Lechiffon was released recently with not much in it. It’s being advertised heavily this week in Harajuku Station, and it is certainly the best time for AU to surf the ribbon trend and introduce their own pimped up “kawaii” ketai.

And of course, Yuki -> Music -> A1404S… No need to be a genius to understand the link between a music player and a J-Pop singer.

- 0.32 megapixel CMOS camera
- 107 gram
- 48*93*24 mm
- 2.3″ QVGA display (240×320)
- Bilingual


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Sony Ericsson Premini-II

DoCoMo Sony Ericsson Premini-II
DoCoMo Sony Ericsson Premini-II
We just told you the first generation Premini is now 1¥ (that’s 1 US cent!), and of course it means the new Premini is about to be released. It has been announced by DoCoMo at the end of January and it is now officially in the February brochure. A little bit bigger than the Premini and the Premini-S, it is still quite small (105*46*19.4 mm), and they had to get rid of some features customary is many DoCoMo phones these days to make everything fit in such a small body, including its 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, and MemoryStick Duo slot.


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