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AU’s EZ Memory Pocket

KDDI has announced that the upcommiong W32SA by Sanyo, and the W31T by Toshiba will be equipped with their new EZ feature “EZ Memory Pocket”.

Basically, this allows the user to upload their entire address book including phone numbers and details to an AU server, where it is backed up incase of handset loss or malfunction. We all know how frustrating it can be when you lose your phonebook!

According to TechJapan, the menu can be accessed by going “Top Menu” > “Search by EZ Service” > “EZ Memory Pocket”.

EZ-MP’s service will begin at 105 Yen per month. That’s about USD $1.

EX Memory Pocket [1]EX Memory Pocket [2]

In the image above, you’ll see the process of uploading. The little sun is saying “Uploaded photos and movies can be shown to everyone! Albums can be created thru Memo Pocket Site, and accessed through PC aswell!”

This certainly will be a handy feature of the EZ handsets, and I’m sure DoCoMo and Vodafone will include something similar but with an “i” or “live!” attatched to it ^^.

Official EZ-MP Website:
Via: TechJapan

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5 new au phones with radio and TV tuner

5 new au phones with radio and TV tuner

Daimaou sums it up very well, and until I go to a shop and see them, I won’t go into further details about the 5 new 3G WIN models introduced this week by au (KDDI). As he says, “of course they all have their own specs, but overall what matters is:
-Tuner TV
-Tuner FM
-3.2 megapixel camera
-Bluetooth (for some)
-Document Viewer (PDF, Word, Excel… for some)
-Web browser (real one. for some)”

(If you want to know more details about the specs and all, please say so in the comments below.)

Via Akihabara News

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Sanyo W22SA - Click here to see more!

First thing with this phone, it’s bilingual. The previous 3 are not. If you can’t read Japanese kanjis properly, this is your first choice unfortunately… But it is not really a bad choice because the W22SA is full of nice features too. The camera is a bit weak with its 1.33 megapixel CMOS, but there is a “huge” 40 MB of storage space for your photos. But no miniSD card reader though! And the camera has autofocus and a USB connection too. On the sound side, the usual stereo speakers are here of course, but these are “surround” (Still not sure what it means on a phone though…). Anyway, they are good enough for you to listen to the FM radio included. And last but not least, it comes with a dictionary linked to the camera (but apparently it works the English to Japanese way only). GPS, infrared… A lot of features in a cute, bi-color, light, and small phone.

Main specs:
* weight: 114 gram
* size: 48*99*25 mm (slide)
* main display: 2.2 inch (1.5 inch subdisplay)
* main mobile camera: 1.33 megapixel CCD
* data storage capacity: 40 MB
* Infrared, USB, GPS.

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