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Symbians getting a little cocky?


Symbian Ltd. announced their 20 millionth handset sales in an announcement earlier last week. The Symbian OS Smartphones have been doing particularly well in Japan as the growth was driven by remarkable innovation that the OS is because of it ability to reduce time-to-market and meeting the requirements of handset vendors and network operators. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent gadget that has been found useful by the majority of Japanese.

Now after the announcement Symbian announce another ad to bash European and American mobile markets in their BooHooForYou commercial. I personally think it’s funny as hell as the Pizza chains have been doing this tactic for the longest time against each other, but in the Japanese culture this is viewed as extremely rude. According to Wireless Watch Japan:

Anyone who understands how Japan’s business and wider civil culture operates will tell you that remaining humble – especially when you otherwise have strong reason to brag loudly in public – is not only expected and practiced, but to do the opposite is highly insulting. Thus Symbian’s BHFY comes across as at least culturally inappropriate and at worst directly insulting.

Whoops Symbian, I don’t think this culture appreciates your humor. You should just stick to the whole conservative touch of your Chairman shaking hands with the relevent folks. Smile. Bow. And. Continue. Your. Excellent. Work. Deal.

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The Ultimate Female Keitai

Mobile phones, or keitai, are obviously a big fashion accessory in Japan. One of the best selling phones of the last year, the au KDDI Neon was perhaps a bit under-developed in the amazing-only-in-Japan-technological-features department. But it was, quite frankly, beautiful, which is why it sold out.

Now Mitsubishi (through DoCoMo) have released the FOMA D702iF which is meant to have everything that a woman could want from her keitai. The feminine pastel colours complements the skin on the hand, while a special alarm keeps track of the female monthly cycle.

Yes, you read that correctly.

There’s also the special design, which includes soft and smooth contours and a small shape to avoid chipping fingernails. The small, palm-size and marquee cut is also meant to enhance to look of a woman’s hands.

The phone was designed by renown fashion designer Momoko Ikuta. They are available in Coral Coral, Green Air, White Sand and Lilac Mirage.

Image from

I really should have learnt by now never to be shocked by the phones available in Japan.

Mitsubishi Electric – Japanese only


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901iS Series!

901iS SeriesOver the past few weeks, NTT DoCoMo have been steadily releasing their highly anticipated FOMA 901iS series! They’re all out (Excluding the N901is) and boy do some of them really stand out!

The D901iS takes the cake for features, including a hefty 4 mega pixel camera in slide form. It also includes a slightly larger than usual 240×345 resolution 2.4 inch screen, plus a huge 600 hour standby time. That’s providing you’re sitting perfectly still and not using it, of course ;).

The other that stands out, the SH901is is a very stylish ClamTwist handset, with a 3.2 mega pixel camera.

The other two F901iS and P901iS come with some cool new features as well!

All the models feature iMode FeliCa, of course! These new models are likely to be far more successful than KDDI’s recent launch, purely because of their aesthetic and functionality value.

In good time, the N901iS will be available and I’ll get you some info on that too! Stay tuned :)


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DoCoMo goes Linux

NTT DoCoMo announced its new FOMA phone models — the 901i series. The phones are loaded with fancy features like a 2Mega pixel camera, 3D sound and graphics, a finger print sensor, document viewer, a bacteria resistant surface, flash and the m-wallet Felica.

The FOMA series will run on three different operating systems — Sharp will have the traditional Japanese embedded OS Micro ITRON — NEC, Panasonic Linux — Fujitsu, Motorola and Mitsubishi Symbian. This will be a major push for Linux in the mobile market as Panasonic and NEC are among the most popular brands in Japan.

The Sharp SH-901i will be launched on November 26th. Stay tuned for user reviews and photos.


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