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FOMA Cellphones

This is a commercial with Anna Tsuchiya for NEC’s FOMA cellphone. It’s a sleek looking flip phone – i’d go as far to say that it’s rather big but if not too small it wouldn’t have all the frills and functions that makes it a rave anyway:

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Docomo’s SO902i

This FOMA phone is on sale now and it comes in 3 different colors; blue, red and white. The phone comes with a lot of functions, but not too many that we let it sit and collect dust. It’s a functional phone that is useful. This 102g phone is half your palms size and is as thin as a shoe string fry comes with a 3.2mega pixel phone and external memory.

Price may vary from place to place.


Source: NTT Docomo

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The Ultimate Female Keitai

Mobile phones, or keitai, are obviously a big fashion accessory in Japan. One of the best selling phones of the last year, the au KDDI Neon was perhaps a bit under-developed in the amazing-only-in-Japan-technological-features department. But it was, quite frankly, beautiful, which is why it sold out.

Now Mitsubishi (through DoCoMo) have released the FOMA D702iF which is meant to have everything that a woman could want from her keitai. The feminine pastel colours complements the skin on the hand, while a special alarm keeps track of the female monthly cycle.

Yes, you read that correctly.

There’s also the special design, which includes soft and smooth contours and a small shape to avoid chipping fingernails. The small, palm-size and marquee cut is also meant to enhance to look of a woman’s hands.

The phone was designed by renown fashion designer Momoko Ikuta. They are available in Coral Coral, Green Air, White Sand and Lilac Mirage.

Image from

I really should have learnt by now never to be shocked by the phones available in Japan.

Mitsubishi Electric – Japanese only


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The Meaning of Keitai

Over on the Japan Media Review website, Kenji Kohiyama, Professor at the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, examines the “Meaning” and the “Future” of Keitai. Author of the book Keitai, he seeks to understand the culture of mobile phones in Japan, their multimedia use and their societal impact. Not really “fun” per se, but an interesting read if you are into mobile phones and Japan (otherwise why would you be reading this anyway?).

The keitai (mobile phone) is like a toy box with lots of different media stuffed inside where one can pull out the one of your choice as if from a magician’s hat.

In this book I hope to look at the meaning of these and their interest they bring and to gain some understanding on these issues. For this reason, I will take up each of the various media that are in a keitai, the very thing that our country is leading the world in promoting, and investigate their purpose and potential.

The Meaning of Keitai
The Future of Keitai


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Full ibisBrowser release for FOMA handsets.

June 21st, the beta version “ibisBrowser” has been released!


The full-html browser displays websites as they would be seen on a standard personal computer. Fullscreen browsing (with both left and right scrolling to see the whole page) is now available on the 900iX, 901iX and 700iX series phones!

The software reportedly contains features like quick search, high-speed cache and “keitai view”, which I think means rotating the handset 90 degrees.

The software is also due for beta release for the 505iX and 506iX series over the next few days!


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DoCoMo and LG to create FOMAxGSM handset.

N900iGLG and NTT DoCoMo have apparently come to an agreement to create a dual-mode 3G FOMA handset that works on W-CDMA and also supports international roaming for GSM/GPRS networks.

Of course the handset will support all basic FOMA and i-mode features.

I expect the new hanset will be similar in function and features to the N900iG by NTT DoCoMo, which also supports GSM/GPRS.

The handset is planned for release in spring 2006.

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901iS Series!

901iS SeriesOver the past few weeks, NTT DoCoMo have been steadily releasing their highly anticipated FOMA 901iS series! They’re all out (Excluding the N901is) and boy do some of them really stand out!

The D901iS takes the cake for features, including a hefty 4 mega pixel camera in slide form. It also includes a slightly larger than usual 240×345 resolution 2.4 inch screen, plus a huge 600 hour standby time. That’s providing you’re sitting perfectly still and not using it, of course ;).

The other that stands out, the SH901is is a very stylish ClamTwist handset, with a 3.2 mega pixel camera.

The other two F901iS and P901iS come with some cool new features as well!

All the models feature iMode FeliCa, of course! These new models are likely to be far more successful than KDDI’s recent launch, purely because of their aesthetic and functionality value.

In good time, the N901iS will be available and I’ll get you some info on that too! Stay tuned :)


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Vodafone is going full-scale gimmick

Vodafone Toshiba V501T

When Vodafone acquired J-Phone a few years ago, they inherited a not too comfortable market: kids. au/KDDI is supposed to be the operator for the young cool adults, NTT DoCoMo covers Everyone in general, and with the Foma high end stuff they reach the rich young adults as well as the geeks, tu-ka (KDDI) is after the older people who don’t care about digital cameras or java games, and J-Phone/Vodafone is supposedly the phone for the kid who likes to show off with silly games, gadgets, useless accessories, but doesn’t have as much money to buy high end stuff as the au or the Foma crowd. This is a generalization of course, but it becomes obvious when you watch the ads and the features of the phones.

Vodafone spent who knows how much for their big tv/billboards campaigns featuring David Beckham and Nakata Hidetoshi (probably the most famous soccer player in Japan), and they forgot that they were by far not the leader in Japan, and that their consumer base needs cool stuff ALL THE TIME. If they asked me, I would have explained that to them, but they didn’t. Instead, they kept releasing one phone every now and then (6 months or so) when au and DoCoMo were introducing lots and lots of new cool features and loads of new phones all the time, stealing away their customers, one at a time. Well, they should have asked me but hey…

All this to say Vodafone is finally waking up it seems. They haven’t released any new revolutionary thing technologically speaking, but the creatives there have finally started thinking of original ideas that might make young and bored people buy Vodafone. I say it’s about time we see things like this one, dressed like a little red devil! They have just announced the V501T (Toshiba), which comes in a choice of 12 “costumes” (Polygon, Soda, Tile, Bull, Tire, Cheese, Sucker(!), Lawn, Gummi, Wave, Mermaid, and Dinosaur Egg).

Now, who cares about the specs when your phone looks like that? If you really need them, I suggest you read the press release.

They also introduced the Vodafone V501SH (Sharp) which can also be customized with “texture panels”, which are supposed to change the tactile feel of the phone itself. Not as cool but a noticeable effort to follow the success wave of Foma’s P901i covers that are ubiquitous and have been for a while now. Below is the type of displays you find all over the place in Tokyo. One would have expected that Vodafone come up with it first, as it is pretty common in a Nokia world, but quite unusual in Japan, but again DoCoMo did it first. Let’s see how this one goes.

Foma P901i phone covers

Via Gizmodo


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Vodafone challenges DoCoMo and KDDI with its new 3G-service

It took some time — Vodafone relaunched its 3G services with an impressive number of new handsets. 7 new 3G handsets are being released by Vodafone in Japan: 2 Sharps, 1 NEC, 1 SonyEricsson, 1 Nokia and 2 Motorola’s. The hybrid handsets can be used on Vodafone’s 3G networks worldwide and GSM/GPRS-networks outside Japan. Fortunately, we got our hands on the Nokia 702NK and Motorola 702MO. We will report first impressions and tests of the Vodafone 3G- service on Friday. Can Motorola and Nokia progress in Japan and make Vodafone’s 3G service finally competitive? —- Stay tuned …..

For those who cannot wait, here is a pic from Vodafone’s Japanese web site.


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FOMA SH901i – A fantastic phone!

Updated – 3 December 2004
Yves, here you go:

Size: 49×109x25mm
Weight: 148 gram
Battery: 370 hours stand-by, 130 min talk-time
Screen display: 2.2 inch, ASV LCD, QVGA, 262,144 colours, excellent contrast
Camera: 2 million pixels, autofocus
Memory card: mini SD-card, 128MB
Document viewer for word/excel/pdf-files and SDMF-format for e-books
AV-output cable, possible to record TV-programs and store the video on the mini SD-card
The phone furthermore supports Felica, deco-mail, flash, and html-mail.

The Sharp SH901ic is a high-end phone with multimedia capabilities. We wonder how many people will us the AV-capabilities of this phone?


We got our hands on one of the latest baby in FOMA family — the SH901ic from Sharp. A big phone: both in functionality as in size, but we loved it! Enjoy the pics:

Foma Sharp SH901i
Foma Sharp SH901i
Foma Sharp SH901i

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