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5 new au phones with radio and TV tuner

5 new au phones with radio and TV tuner

Daimaou sums it up very well, and until I go to a shop and see them, I won’t go into further details about the 5 new 3G WIN models introduced this week by au (KDDI). As he says, “of course they all have their own specs, but overall what matters is:
-Tuner TV
-Tuner FM
-3.2 megapixel camera
-Bluetooth (for some)
-Document Viewer (PDF, Word, Excel… for some)
-Web browser (real one. for some)”

(If you want to know more details about the specs and all, please say so in the comments below.)

Via Akihabara News

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Casio W21CA - Click here to see more!

Ok, so here are a few specs of the WIN phones described in the previous article, and promoted heavily by au as being the most obvious choice both in terms of mobile phones (WIN is the 3G service from au, therefore benefiting all their latest technologies and gimmicks) and music player. Still listening to your music on an iPod? Read this first…

First, the W21CA by Casio. Not only a music player and a phone, it actually is a real multimedia machine. Its “wide QVGA” screen is bigger than your usual phone display, and it comes with a browser that can read PC websites (as opposed to the ones made for mobile phones only). By bigger display, we mean 2.6 inches, but also a resolution of 240×400, when normal phones usually have a 2.2 or 2.4 inch screen, and go up to 240×320 pixels. I am not sure who wants to watch movies on a 2.6″ screen, but you can if you want. Also, when it comes to data and pictures, having more pixels available is always something nice. The W21CA has a 2 megapixel CCD camera and stereo speakers. Best feature yet, it comes in 2 colors, including “Evil Brown”!

Main specs:
* weight: 143 gram
* size: 51*103*27 mm (clamshell with revolving screen)
* main display: 2.6 inch (240*400 pixels)
* main mobile camera: 2 megapixel CCD with autofocus
* data storage capacity: 24 MB
* memory card: miniSD 256 MB
* USB cradle

Posted by Yves in Casio, au (KDDI) | 11 Comments »


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