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Sony Ericsson AU A1404S - Click for large picture

It is no surprise that the campaign for the new AU A1404S features Yuki. This Sony Ericsson phone comes in 3 colors (black, green, and pink) and you can change from one Style-Up® themed panel to another on the cover of the phone.

The slogan “Play!” reflects this constant need for change typical to teenage girls in Japan and elsewhere. And of course, “play” also refers to music, as you can listen to music with this phone. But don’t hope for too much: it is not an MP3 player, but merely an FM radio. Better than nothing?

Sony Ericsson AU A1404S - Click for large picture

Yuki could be defined as the “Japanese Björk”, in that she changes her appearance with every single, and that her videos are often very graphical and original (and often very much inspired by those of Björk, actually). Hint to the various covers and styles of the A1404S.

Sony Ericsson AU A1404S - Click for large picture

Yuki is very popular in Japan, especially among girls. But that could not be enough to sell the A1404S, so they played the “kawaii! factor” and added a cute rabbit too. The message becomes then “Pimp my phone as often as I pimp my rabbit, so they always match!”, which is just plain strange, but will surely itch a lot of the Shibuya girls out there.

Also, don’t forget DoCoMo’s Lechiffon was released recently with not much in it. It’s being advertised heavily this week in Harajuku Station, and it is certainly the best time for AU to surf the ribbon trend and introduce their own pimped up “kawaii” ketai.

And of course, Yuki -> Music -> A1404S… No need to be a genius to understand the link between a music player and a J-Pop singer.

- 0.32 megapixel CMOS camera
- 107 gram
- 48*93*24 mm
- 2.3″ QVGA display (240×320)
- Bilingual


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15 Responses to “A1404S”

  1. Scagno Says:

    SE japan…

  2. mandy Says:

    So where i can get the Sony Ericsson A1404S in USA

  3. Luis Says:

    Does this model work on Mac OS X?

  4. Yves Says:

    Does this model work on Mac OS X?

    what do you mean? it is a PHONE…

  5. Luis Says:

    Yes, I know that! But can purchase a USB cable and connect to computer.

  6. Yves Says:

    ok, but what do you want to do with it when you connect it?

  7. luis Says:

    Download pictures or as wireless network.

  8. Yves Says:

    Well, pictures are fine with most phones, as they use USB and flash memory cards anyway. Wireless will be very slow, and you would be better off using one of the set packages from the mobile phone providers that include unlimited packets + phone + wireless internet, and plug that PCMCIA card or usb thingy straight into your laptop.

  9. Kanishka Says:


  10. Joke Vanderheeren Says:

    Is this phone going to be available in Europe too??? I just love it! Especially the green one!

  11. Alisher Says:

    My friend brought a Sony Ericsson A1404S cellphone from Japan. There is only one cdma 1x phone company here, in Uzbekistan, and they say although the standard (cdma 1x) is acceptable, they do not have necessary program for connectning it here. Could you please advise where he can get the “program”.

    Thank you

  12. Alisher Says:

    by “program” I meant “software”

  13. ford113 Says:

    do the A1402SII and the A1404S have the same chargers? if so any idea where i could get one in new zealand? oh and a battery? i have the A1402SII model. if i cant get a charger and battery im just going to sell it on. cheers.,

  14. Kushal Says:

    hi! I want to knw does this mobile can be converted into Indian? So could u please give us an Advise about? plz Reply.

  15. Kushal Says:

    the mobile model is au by KDDI A1404S sony ericsson. Plz kindly give guidence about it.To convert in indian.

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